Stop the Presses – Cruises Are Still in Vogue!

Are cruises dead? It’s the question that’s buzzing around certain travel circles. With so many people choosing to break away from cruises, you might be surprised that we’re still feeling the same love for cruises that we’ve had all along. If you really think about it, there are a lot of merits to cruising that just can’t be beat. Instead of trying to build all of the entertainment and all of the exploration options yourself, all of this is provided for you. Instead of trying to figure out where the best restaurants are, everything is already provided for you here as well. If you really look at it from the right perspective, the social side of cruises is also provided for you. A lot of people make friends for life on cruises. There are even clubs that are devoted to people going on cruises in specific travel groups.


If you’re trying to plan out your perfect cruise, here are a few things that you need to think about.

First and foremost, you have to think about where you want to go, as well as what time of the year that you want to go. A lot of people rave on and on about going to summer destinations, but there is also something special to be had about a wintertime cruise. You get to see nature in its most natural state, plus engage in a few great winter activities. If you want to have a quieter cruise, traveling during off-peak times of the year is definitely a good idea. Will you have fun in the summer? Sure you will but it goes without saying that it’s definitely going to be a lot more people traveling during that time of year.

For people that would prefer to have fewer children around them on a cruise, going for a more upscale cruise line or going during school times would definitely be a smart idea. Now, even if you want a quieter cruise you don’t have to feel like you’re growing into a child-hater or anything of the sort. Some people just prefer a little more quiet.

If there’s a specific theme that you want, you might want to go for that as well. Cruise lines often do singles cruises, or cruises for senior citizens. Sometimes these themes are designed to make it easier for you to feel comfortable during your stay, as well as help you make more friends.

For the best deal for your money, a package cruise deal is a great choice. If you decide to start cruising, you might want to go for a short cruise to see if you like it. Weekend cruises are growing in popularity compared to a few years back. This allows people with very busy schedules to still have a bit of fun before they have to go back to work. It can also help you make the most of those little holidays you get off work that turn into a three or even four day weekend.

Either way, the best way to begin is to book as early as possible — you can do it!